Don’t go past the graveyard tonight.
It’s late and dark, just right for a fright.
The souls are restless, spiteful and loud,
keeping the threats they once avowed.
Witches fly high, while zombies lie low.
Spirits float where cold winds blow.
Shadows stumble between the trees,
while old hobgoblins taunt and tease.
Heavy footsteps leave deep treads
upon ancient eternal rotting beds.
Whispers echo over crypts and stones
as wind rattles teeth and skeleton bones.
Bats take to wing in pale moonlight.
Beware what walks the graveyard tonight.

Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket

Linked to: Two Shoes Tuesday
Prompts: Late & Loud

31 thoughts on “Beware

  1. This is scary all the way through, Mrs. Mack. I like how the blowing wind rattles teeth and the skeleton bones.

    At first, with the “Beware” title I was looking for it to be an Ides of October (Oct 15th) poem. Did you know that the Ides fall on the 13th for most months, but on the 15th for March, May, July, and October?


  2. I am so late to come and comment, but I loved this so much! A new side of Annie that I wasn't as familiar with. Such a fun poem and a wonderful addition to TST. Cemeteries can indeed be very spooky places, such as the old one we visited in downtown Savannah, Georgia – we have some very strange photos! 🙂


  3. There are many facets to me; I'm an old soul. I have tremendous respect for cemeteries: their history and the reverence those buried there deserve. However, I am also aware that some can be unsettling, even disturbing. Again, it goes back to the history. I respect cemeteries and those laid to rest there. May they RIP.


  4. Loved your really spooky poem. Perfect time of year for it. I needed to write a poem for my sidebar to replace “Summer Cat,” but couldn't come up with anything. had to put in a black cat and pumpkin. Wish I had the inspiration you had. The photo was an excellent accompaniment. Janet


  5. Wow, you are really reving us up for the Halloween mood… love this. Don't think I have seen this one … very creepy, crawly and excellent poetry. I am surprised you didn't use one of your own graveyard pictures … saving them for something? 🙂



  6. Hey, don't know if you got my last comment. My internet went out right as I pressed enter. Anyway just wanted to say that I liked your poem! It was really spooky and got me in the mood for Halloween. : )

    I hope my internet doesn't go out this time!


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