His Message

Paul passed suddenly one evening, leaving Jeanne alone after fifty years of marriage. Forlorn, Jeanne looked for signs from Paul, needing to know that he was somehow still with her.

Unable to disturb his favourite things, Jeanne left his den just as he had. His beloved pool table remained set up, waiting for him to play as he had done every evening for many years. 

As she lay in bed late one night, she suddenly heard the familiar sounds of the billiard balls clicking together. Jeanne whispered her thanks and love to him, knowing Paul was still there; she now believed he always would be. 

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Google Search

14 thoughts on “His Message

  1. This was beautiful, sweet story, Annie! It made me smile! None of us wants to comprehend what it must be like to have a partner that we have loved so dearly pass over ahead of us, and I too believe that they are able to remain near, keeping an eye on us and offering a bit of reassurance now and then. I love your imagery here, I can hear those pool balls clicking together on the table! Great Six Sentence Story, I appreciate you participating in this writing prompt so very much!


  2. What a fabulous story. How heartwarming to know that sometimes we are given that sweet reassurance beyond this life that our loved ones are okay and 'with us' somehow.


  3. so sweet! although, I am a wuss, so it probably would have scared the dickens out of me. ha
    I have to let you know, my 6 year old has been really determined to read by the end of this month and every night she practices with Bedtime Tails! She can pretty much read it all by herself now. And the craziest part: she reads to her little sister (4) who now knows the entire book by heart!
    It's their favourite story. I instagramed a pic of them all cuddled in ZooZoo's bed reading it. 🙂


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