Emotions floated through my mind,
like clouds in a stormy sky.
I sat and watched the teardrops fall,
until the well ran dry.
The moon is tied to dreams at night.
The clouds will hide the truth from sight.
Stars hold wishes, lest I pray;
as dreams, come dawn, will fade away.

Poem & Photo by: McGuffy Ann Morris

50 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. I have said it before and here it comes again! YOU have talent and this is another wonderful example of that. I see from your sidebar (finally!!) that you have two books at least! How lucky each reader is. You are a natural author and your storehouse of mental treasures is well worth exploring.


  2. I really need to find a new word for when I want to say “Wow” about someone's writing….but…WOW! You definitely do have talent!..and both as a photographer and a writer!


  3. You have a wonderful gift of stringing words into silver threads of meaning and depth, Annie. Always when I come here to read, you take my breath away! There was sorrow in this poem, but also dreams, and we can dream the dreams of hope. Your illustration was a perfect match for the mood set by your poem. A wonderful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, thank you!


  4. I love the illusion and imagery of this poetry. I am writing a review of a poetry book. I am going to point the writer this way and to other resources to help improve the quality of her work. You learn by finding good examples; not imitating but seeing the ideas and the sparks that drive their creativity.


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