Lucille had lived a very full, active, and social life, enjoying much attention. Now at 96 years old, Lucille had been in the retirement home for many years.

Her very young assistant, Amy, often brought friends to visit Lucille. She would style Lucille’s hair, and dress her up with baubles and trinkets. 

Being a flirt, Lucille still loved the attention, especially when there were men visitors. When Amy’s boyfriend came to meet Lucille, she couldn’t resist saying, “Who’s he? He’s cute!” 

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Google Search

19 thoughts on “Lucille

  1. This is delightful, Annie! I worked in nursing homes both as a candystriper in high school and later on as an aide. I used to get such a kick out of the ladies, and gentlemen too, that would put on such charm for visitors. I loved that bit of sparkle that they had retained in their senior years!


  2. Truer words were never spoken! I used to volunteer to read the local paper to a 90+ year old woman who was losing her vision. She was a lively old woman. She met my husband and later told my, “Why, Pat, if I were 50 years younger, you'd have something to worry about!” I laughed so hard, and I never forgot that!


  3. I work in a nursing home and an old sweet lady of 93 years fell in love with a younger old man who lives there too and now they are having love affair in their own way:)


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