The Mourning Hours

By Paula Treick DeBoard

This novel drew me in immediately. I did not want to put it down. The setting is a rural farm community in Wisconsin, which I can relate to. The characters are believable, and people I could care about.

Kirsten Hammarstrom and her siblings are drawn back to their family farm by a tragedy. Many years ago, tragedy tore the Hammarstrom family apart, dividing them as well as their community. Kirsten recalls the events that occurred when she was only nine years old.

Kirsten looked up to her brother Johnny, a high school sports hero. She also idolized his popular, wealthy girlfriend. Both families had mixed feelings, as the couple became inseparable. Pampered Stacy was very controlling and demanding. She often interfered with Johnny’s goals and responsibilities.

Young Kirsten began to notice and hear things that no one else did. She observed odd conversations and interactions between the young couple. These things concerned and confused her, especially when Stacy suddenly goes missing. Johnny is the last one to have seen her. As the investigation ensues, the town becomes divided and the families literally become torn apart. The case goes unsolved.

Now, years later the Hammarstrom family must come together and face each other through another tragedy. The events and betrayals that tore them all apart are dredged back up. Ultimately, by coming together their questions are finally answered. 

I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this novel. I hope for more like this from author Paula Treick DeBoard. 

10 thoughts on “The Mourning Hours

  1. Being raised up in that part of the country, I'm sure I would relate well to this story too. I love the plot, something a bit different which is refreshing! Adding it to my reading list now! Thanks for sharing this find with us, Annie!


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