Help for the Haunted

By John Searles

Sylvie Mason is a young girl trying to make sense of her family and the world. Her older sister Rose is angry and often estranged, and their parents are very religious ghost hunters.

One cold night, the Mason’s receive a late phone call asking them to meet the estranged Rose at the local church. The parents take Sylvie along. When the father is gone for several minutes, the mother goes into the church looking for him. Sylvie falls asleep, but is startled awake by loud gunshots. She turns off the car, and approaches the church. Her investigation leaves her orphaned and confused.

Angry and rebellious Rose takes custody of Sylvie. Things only get worse, as she is detached and offers no answers or security for Sylvie. The town ostracizes Sylvie and their family based upon the fact that the parents were known ghost hunters, even advertising their “Help for the Haunted”.

Sylvie sets out to find answers about her parents, her sister, their basement, and the paranormal activity surrounding them all. Both curious and afraid, the journey is confusing and difficult for Sylvie.

John Searles has written a very intense novel. The title is fitting for the field that the Mason’s worked in, but also for Sylvie’s journey for answers.

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