Locust Creek Covered Bridge

Recently, as we traveled through Missouri, we were able to visit the Locust Creek Covered Bridge located off of U.S. Route 36. It is near Meadville, in Linn County. The pedestrian bridge was built in 1868 out of white pine. It was originally part of Route 8, the countries first transcontinental road. 

The path to the bridge

Locust Creek today

Approaching the covered bridge

Locust Creek Covered Bridge

Bridge entrance

The interior of Locust Creek Covered Bridge

The exit of the bridge

At 151 feet long, the Locust Creek bridge is the longest of Missouri’s last four remaining covered bridges. It is a beautiful nationally registered historical site, and maintained by Missouri State Parks Historical Society.

17 thoughts on “Locust Creek Covered Bridge

  1. This is a beautiful walk down memory lane. I have never been in Missouri, but I have seen covered bridges in Indiana and we even have a small one in Long Grove. This speak of a simpler, more peaceful time in my minds eye … really enjoyed this post.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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