Oh, Deer

Autumn is here! Deer are out and about more, 
as they answer the “call of the wild”: mating season. 
Please be aware of them as you drive, especially
at dawn, dusk, and in the dark. Remember,
where you see one deer there are usually more.
They don’t understand roads and traffic, but you do.
Please be careful. Slow down.

14 thoughts on “Oh, Deer

  1. Such beautiful creatures, that leap fences and roadways with such grace, yet so very dangerous for both deer and driver. My aunt and uncle died in an accident where they collided with a deer. More than a few have crossed in front of me while driving at night, and it is terrifying. I don't want to hurt one, and I don't want to be hurt. Caution and careful driving are all we can do, I prefer not to drive at night in known deer crossing areas, especially at this time of the year, whenever possible. Thank you for the reminder to be alert to this danger!


  2. While i've never almost hit a deer, we did have a close, middle-of-the-night encounter with a horse once that could have ended very badly, had Sweetie not been able to react in time.

    It's scary enough that we need to be careful!


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