Music is a universal language,
crossing cultures and generations.

Music can be personal;
you can really get into it. 
Music can pick you up,
and get you moving; 
 or it can be calming and relaxing.
Whether you play an instrument
or just listen to it,
music is for everyone.

Linked to: Cat Thursday

26 thoughts on “Music

  1. Just the smiles I needed on this hectic day at work! I love these happy kitties who are obviously enjoying the music (or at least the instruments) as much as we do. I'm sure the furry girls at your house are delighted when Daddy is home to play! 🙂


  2. They (you) are so right about music. These are all great … wish they had a sound track. I would love to hear the song of his people … and a little guitar music would make my day. Very cute, Annie …

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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