The northwest wind was blowing, and temperatures were dropping fast when George heard the loud cries. Unable to allow anything to suffer in the raging storm, he knew he had to try to help.

Following the sound of desperate pleas, he reached into a cold, muddy puddle under his car and lifted out a tiny newborn kitten. Shocked, George quickly took her inside the safety of his house, wrapping her in warm towels.

Realizing the urgent situation, George called an animal rescue service who agreed to come for the kitten immediately. 

While waiting for their arrival, George settled in with the kitten, gently holding her close to his heart and humming softly as he silenced her cries.

Story & Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris
~In memory of Iris, one of our rescue kittens~

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25 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. This is such a de ja vou moment for me. It brings me back to an early unexpected blizzard when we heard the wails of a cat that was hanging on to our outside screen on one of our windows… went out and grabbed him …nursed him to health and our neighbors still have the old guy! This was very sweet and well done… thanks for the memories.


  2. What a precious little face and such an uplifting story… when people take the time to listen and care, tiny miracles happen, just like this! I could see the tiny pitiful kitten in your words, and sense the warmth and comfort it received from George. Iris ended up with you, so clearly she was a blessed little furchild! Thank you for such a sweet tale for Six Sentence Stories!


  3. What a wonderful story. And reading your comments to the others I see this was one of yours. Looks like the little newborn thrived under your care. We may not be able to save all of them but we do the best we can when the need arises. Keep up the great work.


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