To Dance

Every third Saturday there was live music at The Manor Care Facility.
Once a dancer, Bette loved the music and the happiness it always brought her. Now confined to a wheelchair, she was limited to only listening to music.
Bette looked forward to the occasional times someone would grab her chair and whirl her around the floor. She would then close her eyes, able to remember the exhilaration of how it felt to dance.

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket

Word Prompt: Dancing

28 thoughts on “To Dance

  1. Good story! I'm sure it has been true for more than one person who is no longer able to dance, but bears the memories of those movements in their mind. If we have made some good memories along the way, we will always have reasons to smile.


  2. Years ago I worked with a man who was a quadriplegic. On occasion, we would go out after work and one of the girls we worked with would do this kind of dance with him. He could even make his chair do the “Moonwalk.” (Yes, this was a few years back…)

    Nice story that brought back some memories!


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