Hannah and Will began collecting ornaments with their first Christmas together; each had a special meaning.

This year, they found their first ornament, a red heart, shattered in its wrappings. Hannah was inconsolable, crying that it could never be replaced. 

On Christmas Eve, Will tenderly handed Hannah a box he said was fragile and very special. Carefully opening the package, Hannah tearfully found inside a heart ornament identical to their original ornament. On the attached note Will had written, “A renewal of our love and commitment.”

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Google

16 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. Oh how sweet and beautiful! I know couples who have collected ornaments like this, and it would be heartbreaking! Only a very special husband would go to the trouble to find an identical replacement, that tells me all I need to know about their love for each other! A wonderful story for 6SS, Annie, thank you so much for joining me each week!


  2. You captured a life story in six sentences … and what an endearing story. I wish that every “Hannah” could have a Will in her life. Beautiful story, beautifully told …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  3. Awwwww….melts my heart. so sweet.
    I still have the ornaments my mom and I made when I was a little girl. She was very wise in that most of them are made from felt and/or popsicle sticks. LOL but we do have one special ornament – it's the same thing, but I made one for her and she made one for me, so slightly different. We each put our respective ornaments on our trees each Christmas so that we have a little piece of each other at home for the holidays. It's really special when for those times we can't be together.


  4. Wonderful, Mrs. Mack. It does mean something special when something can be replaced. Mrs. Jim grumbled for eight years because a man did not return a National Geographic book about walking the Appalachian Trail to her. Finally I found a replacement for it on e-Bay. She hasn't grumbled anymore but neither has she opened it and looked at the pictures let alone read it.


  5. LOVED this story. It reminded me of a special “rubber” star. Erich, my first born made it in school in Kindergarten. We LOVED that star and after 15 years, it disintegrated. I was so sad. Very very sad.


  6. So tender, so thoughtful…just beautiful. This reminds me of my cat, Missy, who is addicted to Christmas trees. She climbs them every single year. One year, though we always tie the tree off so she can't tip it, she knocked off three ornaments. One was a pretty filigree heart that my daughter had give me. I was so sad when it shattered and my daughter picked up Missy and said, “Look at what you did! You broke Mom's heart!” We still laugh about it…but it was truly a broken heart. 🙂


  7. Husbands need to be aware and sensitive to their wives feelings and sentimentality. The hunter gatherers can show another side to themselves. Luckily I was sentimental about things too.


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