It started as an occasional innocuous, but oddly knowledgeable, note left on her car. After several, the letters began showing up at her house, growing longer and more intimate, though the handwriting was unrecognizable. 
The letters held compliments, but also questioned her everyday activities, even offering advice. With each letter she grew more frightened, unsure who would do this and why they persisted anonymously. 

Then suddenly, just as the letters had started they completely stopped, though her unrelenting fear continued.

Story and photo: McGuffy Ann Morris

Linked to: Five Sentence Fiction 
Prompt: Letters

20 thoughts on ““Letters”

  1. Oh my, there has to be more to this story … I can't let it end here. I want to know, who ,what, where, when and why. Sounds like the start of a good mystery to me … Awesome as always.



  2. Scary stuff! I don't do well with those kinds of guessing games. I would much rather have people in my life who come out from the shadows! I think in this case it would always be resting uneasily in the back of my mind, wondering who knew that much about me and if they were still watching. Good story, Annie, chilling!!


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