The Box

The Customer Service desk was overflowing with people, papers, and ringing phones. The line was long, seeming only to be getting longer and more agitated. People were complaining out loud to each other, or to any one who would listen.

Noticing a box labeled “Complaints”, Marie quickly wrote out her thoughts of the ensuing chaos and approached the box. When she noticed there was no slot to put the complaint slip into the box, she loudly advised the supervisor. 

The supervisor promptly and firmly told her that they were aware of that fact.

Story & Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris

17 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Loved this! It definitely began my day with a smile! This place is definitely making a statement about where to file your complaints!! I worked a place very similar to that in attitude once, needless to say, it didn't do much for morale. Very clever tale, Annie, thank you for joining me at Six Sentence Stories, I hope we'll see more folks joining in this week!


  2. There is a certain irony here as often the problem is not the front line workers fault but management who try to run the desk at minimum cost thus aggravating both customer and employee. Sadly the idea of customer satisfaction gets lost in achieving the bottom line. How observant this is.


  3. Truth be told … they weren't going to listen to ( or read) her complaints anyway … I'm guessing that was their message 🙂 . Right on, McGuffy … as always!

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  4. I like this, Mrs. Mack. There just isn't any justice is there
    Thank you for finding KP's driving on the 'fast' meme. I am sitting out the six sentences. Time constraints here are tough this week. Partly one day was lost as my sister was here from Iowa visiting her great-granddaughter and we drove over there for a day.


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