Someone Else’s Love Story

By Joshilyn Jackson  
This beautiful novel drew me in from the first page and held me to the last. It is definitely a complicated love story, but the love is sincere and often heartbreaking.

Shandi is a single mother of precocious, bright three year old Natty. She has convinced herself that Natty was a miraculous virgin birth. She cannot face the reality of this being the result of a party she cannot remember. She also refuses to see Natty as a mistake. She is a wonderful mother, fully devoted to Natty.

William is a brilliant research scientist, he is a genius. However, he has Asperger’s. He is struggling with emotions and life. He is also trying to deal with the car accident that resulted in the loss of his wife and young daughter.

Shandi and William’s worlds collide at a convenience store where a robbery takes place. Shandi, Natty and William are taken hostage along with several others. William becomes the hero, first sheltering Natty and then taking control of the hostage situation. Shandi immediately feels drawn to William, as does Natty. A deep bond forms between the three of them.

As their relationship grows, they find out more about each other and their pasts. They inevitably learn more about themselves, as well. There are many twists, turns, and surprises in this book. 

Joshilyn Jackson has a way with portraying characters that you care about, in difficult situations.  This is a sweet, touching novel filled with people who ultimately seek not only to be loved, but to love others, too. 

10 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Love Story

  1. My list grows ever longer, but I'm happy, too, because the holidays are coming and some of my wishes might actually come true. Thank you for the great review and hope you have a lovely weekend.


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