Old woman drags her bag through the park,
wondering where she’ll go after dark.
Old man sits and worries instead,
yearning for a place to lay his head.
They both remember a time and a place
that in this world they had their own space.
“My bones are so cold,” she tells no one;
they cannot be warmed by a silent sun.
He cries out her name as darkness falls;
but she can no longer answer his lonely calls.

Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Public Domain

26 thoughts on “Seniors

  1. We see them all around us. Not as many elderly, but homeless people who sometimes try to live in the creek around our neighborhood. It's heart rending, and we try to help when we can.


  2. Bless you, Mimi. It is so sad to see someone who is homeless. What breaks my heart about the “poor” elderly is that so many worked so hard, all of their lives, and now have nothing to show for it now. Some have little; some have nothing.


  3. Makes me think of the homeless at Christmas. We have so many lonely people living on the streets here in the US. We also have so many empty buildings. It makes no sense. Thanks for sharing.


  4. The most heartbreaking thing for me are seeing homeless, especially the elderly roaming the streets, looking for places to stay and food to eat. I always wonder 'where are their families?', 'where are their children?', why are they here?' Here's a proof that no matter where you are in the world – the problem is just the same.

    Happy Two Shoes Tuesday, McGuffy ;o)


  5. Beautifully written poem about one of the saddest realities of life as we know it – all too often our elders are discarded, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves. There was a time when family took care of family. As usual, your words fall gently, painting a picture that hopefully will open some hearts and encourage people to care more.


  6. So heartbreaking. just sad.
    I am so happy that my children's school is very much involved with the local seniors home. Each year, they make sure every resident gets a “pen pal” from the school assigned to them and they exchange letters all year long. They do visits often – especially at Christmas. Many of the seniors have no other visitors. We neglect our elderly so badly in this world that focuses so much on the “new and improved.”
    And thankfully, these seniors at least have a home. I cannot imagine what it would be like to spend the your golden years homeless.


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