Not Forgotten

James was a just teenager when he went to serve in the Vietnam War. In 1968, he was captured in Cambodia and taken prisoner.

Forty five years later, S/SGT James Michael Ray is still a POW/MIA. As of May 2013, 1649 Americans were still unaccounted for in Vietnam. 

They continue to be missed by loved ones here at home. May they never be forgotten.  

24 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. Amen! For those of us who came of age during the Vietnam Era, the tragedy of that war and stories such as this one, families who will never have closure on the loss of their loved ones. Thank you for the reminder, excellent post!


  2. This is horribly sad and I am glad you posted this to remind us some brave soldiers are still MIA. From everything I have read and learned, their conditions are horrible and there is torture. Unthinkable. His loved ones must agonize, not knowing if he is still alive and suffering. Thank you for this important reminder. He was just a boy. So sad.


  3. I had a pen pal from the sixth grade, a Vietnam soldier. He was MIA until two years ago, and I wore his bracelet all those years. Also I hang with a lot of vets, especially from the Vietnam conflict, who are still suffering PTSD and have all sorts of mental disorders.

    Our government (“of the people”) should stand by them, and keep up the search for our MIAs. I will never forget Paul King's death at Dong Ha.

    Peace, Amy


  4. I was in touch with Jimmy's family, and have his bracelet, still. In fact, I have a second one that his uncle made. It never ends for those left behind and their families, and even many that did come home.


  5. I still have Jimmy's bracelets, too. I have information his mother sent me, too. My other vet friends have issues such as PTSD, and one was exposed to Agent Orange. He has suffered a variety of cancers. It haunts them all.


  6. How sad, the not knowing is forever haunting and painful. Agony. The poem you read on Tues. (thanks for your comment…I haven't gotten back there yet) was about my partner who went missing in Tibet two years ago. Its hell not to know where he is … I don't want to have to do that for 45 years. My heart goes out to these people. Thanks for telling this story. I believe Ive seen him elsewhere in your blog. true?


  7. This is your POW that you carry with your, I assume. How sad … I saw many of my friends go there and not come back, but we know where they are. Wonderful post, McGuffy … we need to be reminded.



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