Sugar Plum

Tucked in their beds, Mattie and Aimee just couldn’t sleep. It was Christmas Eve! Whispering, they kept asking each other if they heard bells, or reindeer feet, or Santa “ho-ho-ho-ing”. Their mother kept calling to them to go to sleep or Santa would not be able to come. She reminded them that he knew if they were asleep or not, because Santa is magical.

Finally, Mattie drifted off to sleep leaving Aimee alone to toss and turn. She was just too excited to sleep. She crawled out of bed to listen at the door. All she heard was the late news on the TV, and Mom talking quietly to Grampy. Her grandparents lived downstairs.

Aimee got her special toy down from the shelf over her bed. The seal with the ball on his nose was her favourite toy. The ball could spin, and the seal looked so real.  Santa had brought it last year.

Suddenly there was a very loud knocking sound. It sounded like it was on the big front window in the living room. Aimee froze, thinking that was not possible. They lived on the second floor!

There was a lot of commotion in the other room after the knocking. Now Aimee was worried. Her mother was saying loudly that apparently Santa knew he could not come in. Children must still be awake. This time it was Gram who agreed, saying she would check on the children.

Gram came into the bedroom telling Aimee the sad truth. As she put the seal back up on his shelf, she explained that Santa only comes after children are dreaming sweet dreams. Then Gram kissed her good night, calling her “Sugar Plum”. She slowly closed the door advising Aimee to go to sleep, and that Santa would magically know. She reminded Aimee that when she woke up it would be Christmas Day! 

As Aimee turned onto her tummy in bed, eyes tightly closed, she wondered what a sugar plum was. She also wondered how Santa could knock on the big living room window!

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket

16 thoughts on “Sugar Plum

  1. Oh, this was a sweet story! It brought back memories of when I was very young and trying so hard to fall asleep with so much excitement dancing in my head! I remember my father once telling me that he was certain he heard jingle bells outside, and me pressing my face tightly to the frosty window trying to see that sleigh that I just knew was out there waiting! Christmas is a special kind of magic and you have captured that beautifully here!


  2. Oops, Mrs. Mac. Sometimes Santa is hard to figure. But little minds can find a solution for all of his dilemmas. This is a nice story.

    (please don't post my prior comment, it has a mistake.)


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