As another year ends, I reflect on my life, myself, my blessings, accomplishments and goals. I am blessed in many ways, and I know it. I thank God all of the time.

I thank Him for my wonderful husband of 32+ years, who has also been my best friend of 36+ years. Bill is everything I could hope for, and I am blessed by him every day. I look forward to the time he is home more, again. I miss him when he is on the road.

I am thankful for our humble home. I am thankful that it is in a rural area where I can still see wildlife from deer to foxes, eagles to swans, and many other critters that some people may never see. I thank God every time He shares a critter with me.

Our home is complete by having our FurKids to share it with. I cannot imagine a home without critters. Maggie P., Grizelda and Chloe Jo are our wonderful CatKids. Stella completed our home when we adopted her from Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. We love all of our FurKids, as they fill our home with love.

I am thankful for my friends, some whom I have known for many years. You have supported me through some dark times, and celebrated with me through good times, too. You each mean a lot to me.

I am also thankful for each and every one of my blog followers. You also support me. I enjoy every one of your comments, as well as your blogs. I have shared life with you, and learned from you. You keep me writing and blogging. Thank you. I support you in that same spirit and feeling.

I hope to grow as a writer. I have published two books: Weeds, my poetry book, and Bedtime Tail, a children’s book. I am thankful for that achievement. I hope more people will read them and enjoy them, as well as my blog, McGuffy’s Reader.

I hope that my words will help speak to and for others. I want my words to help heal others who may be hurting. That is a goal I plan to keep. I try to be a voice for those who have no voice, for whatever reason.

I plan to continue my animal advocacy and rescue. I am passionate about animals and being their voice, too. They are God’s creatures, and I know I am meant to be one of their caretakers. I try to learn, help them, and educate about them, their needs and their care.

My goals are to continue to grow, emotionally and spiritually. I am not perfect, I have flaws and faults. No one knows this more than I. However, I plan to keep learning and evolving, to become a better person. I want to be an asset to others, someone who will make a positive difference in the world. I care.

I don’t need much or ask for much. I am happy with what I have. I am blessed in many ways, and I know that. I thank God always, and I hope He will make me a blessing to others.

31 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. You are a kind and compassionate person with a heart of gold and a great blogging friend. Your writing reflects your love and respect for God's creatures and your love for Bill.

    Wishing you continued blessings for the work you do caring for animals in need.


  2. Such a lovely post, and a good reminder for us all to be thankful for our blessings–which sometimes we can overlook in the stresses of our lives.

    Wishing you a Joy-full and Wonder-full new year; may it bring all that you need and much of what you want. 🙂


  3. You are indeed blessed in many ways, Annie, and you have also been a wonderful blessing in my life this past year, as I know you have been for others. Peace comes in being content with what we have, and certainly you show us this is true. I am so glad you have Bill and your furkids! I believe that you have many good writing efforts yet to share with us, I'm waiting for that book of critter rescue stories to hit the shelves, it will be a sellout, I'm sure of it! I wish you a truly wonderful new year, less hardships and more happy times together!


  4. Here I am speaking as Katie's mommy again. I am, as you are, very blessed by those dear critters and their pawrents I have met and love on the CB. I am also blessed and happy to have made dear friends on my human blog, Ramblingon.

    With some changes, of course, I could have written something very similar to that which you have written. Now I haven't a husband any longer but I have Katie and three fabulous loving sons and we ALL have a deep belief and love for The Lord. And I too try to speak for our animals and I also grieve terribly when something happens that is unkind. WE are their stewards. It is up to we all of us to care for those little ones (big ones too) who were given to us. I am so grateful for people like you Annie, who take it all to heart and act on it. xxoo


  5. You are a wonderful person friend. Your kindness shines thru in everything you write. We have so much in common with our furbabies, and I used to be heavily involved on Twitter with animal welfare. I've had to back off some now because of my back not liking me to sit in a desk chair for long periods. But I still get involved when and where I can.


  6. You have an amazing heart full of love and a beautiful spirit full of life! it's all evident in your writing and in the compassion your display towards others: and especially the furry kind.
    I know you have 3 very eager readers in my home who would love a book about the monster under the bed! LOL they want to know if he is friends with the closet one. haha
    May all your goals be achieved, and you continue to be blessed – as much as you are a blessing to all of us 🙂


  7. Knowing your blessings is what makes life beautiful, I think. All amazing goals, McGuffy Ann. I agree about the critters in our lives – they enrich them so much. Wishing you and your family a bright, beautiful and amazing 2014!


  8. Counting our blessings makes us appreciate what we have. Your post is beautiful Ann. Keep up the great work with animals, I wish there were more people out there who felt the same as you.

    Wishing you and Bill and all your Furbabies a very Happy New Year.



  9. That's a good goal to have. I think it is good that you work to help other people and animals. I wouldn't be able to live without animals in my house either.

    Thanks, I enjoyed reading your book and blog too! I hope you have a good 2014! Happy New Year! : )


  10. I liked this post so much and could truly relate to it as it represents so many things I think and feel. I am glad I have come to know you through your blog and posts. I am grateful every single day for my life, even with all of its physical challenges. And like you, for a husband/friend (40+ years) who has always been by my side to support and help me. May you have a blessed 2014. XO, Janet


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