I’ve Been Busy…

I have been pretty busy so far this year.
Our snow began in November, a bit early this Winter.
Every few days we would get a couple of inches, 
though sometimes some of it would melt. 
However, we then had a fresh “White Christmas”.
This was Stella’s first Christmas with us, 
& Dad was able to be home, too! Yay!
This was the Christmas snow.
Stella is not impressed with the snow at all.
A snowstorm was predicted for the New Year. 
It started getting serious late New Year’s Eve,
 just as Bill headed Eastward. He drove in the 
storm all the way through upstate New York, 
to Massachusetts and Maine, where along with 
the heavy snow and ice, the temperatures 
and wind chills are well below zero.
I was busy with the snow removal at home,
and worrying about Bill “ice road trucking”. 

This is the frontage of the house & yard.
You can get an idea of how much we got,
up here on the Illinois/Wisconsin border.
The local news said our area got 16+ inches.

The bushes are buried under the snow,
and the fountain is piled high with snow.

The walkway to the garage, which loops around
in a circle to the gate and back to the house.
Stella makes her rounds, so I keep it clear.
This is part of the walkway loop, opening onto 
the driveway or going back to the house. 
I also shovel open areas in the yard
for Stella to use. It makes it easier for her.

We are now in the middle of another 
Winter Storm Warning, with another 5-10 inches 
of snow expected tonight into tomorrow.
Hopefully the weather will settle down
and things will go back to somewhat “normal”. 
Stay safe and warm, & be careful on the roads.
Please keep Bill in your prayers, too. Thanks.

22 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy…

  1. Oh goodness yes, may he be safe and you as well. Just a wee bit more of this rough weather ahead of us all and then we can get back to the mode of better weather for all! I pray!


  2. Wow!!!!!! That is unbelievable!! From one living in an area that sees snow on rare occasions, scenes like this are amazing. We are hoping for a big snow Sunday night/Monday. I wouldn't mind one bit being 'forced' to stay home and stay in!

    Prayers for Bill AND you!!


  3. Bill actually crossed my mind (truly) the other day, when I was watching news coverage from the States re: the weather and footage of all the highways, accidents, etc. It would be scary to be making a living on the road in this kind of brutal winter.

    And “brutal” is the only way I can put it, it's been awful here, and in most of Canada, as well as much of the US.


  4. You are wonder woman shoveling all that snow. You need to find some teenagers to help you out with Bill on the road. I'll keep him in my prayers as well as you. Stay safe and warm. XO, Janet


  5. Looks like Stella might be wondering what happened to all the pretty grass. So far we have had little snow here, not like when we lived in Alaska. Then it looked more like your place. Here's hoping Bill's travels are safe. Also wishing you the best as you shovel out your place.


  6. Snow is beautiful, but so troublesome. I haven't seen a winter since moving to Arizona many years ago. I still miss it some. But I remember North Dakota winters very well. Hard to shovel out in the mornings. Getting cars started. Walking to work. And some of the fun things. Walking on top of a snow drift higher than the telephone wires. Sledding. Always being thankful for springtime.


  7. your place looks like ours…we are getting whammed big time here in Michigan too. Will send prayers for Bill.
    Dakota is driving us nuts with his zillion trips to the bathroom in the cold and snow….do you dry your Sheltie's paws when she comes in? We hear we should do it and we are, but he is going out so much (just to be nosy), that it is becoming annoying! I don't want him to get frost bite on his paws though, especially in the next few days when we will have sub zero temps. How do you handle it?


  8. Ya Stella doesn't look to happy big in the middle of all that snow. Those are great pictures, I enjoyed looking at them.

    Driving in the snow and ice doesn't sound fun, especially in a 18 wheeler!

    LOL, Houston is currently under a hard freeze warning. We are supposed to get temperatures below freezing in the upper 20's tonight, which is a pretty rare for us, but not too rare, just every couple of years the low temperature can get into the 20's. It is going to be cold these next couple of days, but i'm not complaining. At least the temperatures are not in the negatives like they were in up state New York.

    I hope you don't get piled in with all that snow! I'll be keeping y'all in my prayers! : )


  9. Awesome photos Annie, but so much snow, and long pathways to keep clear. I don't envy you all that snow blower and shovel work one bit, I know how hard it must be to keep up with it. I am hoping Spring comes early for you this year! I'm sure Stella is a bit puzzled by all this cold stuff covering her nice green yard!


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