From Pigtails to Chin Hairs

~A Memoir and More

By Becky Lewellen Povich

This memoir is filled with heartfelt stories beginning with growing up in 1950s America’s heartland. I could relate to many of her references. Becky shares vivid tales of being a tomboy playing marbles, climbing trees, and of putting on parades with bicycles and wagons. She recounts stories of parochial school. She is honest about her trials of learning the multiplication tables, and other childhood moments, both good and not so good.

We also meet Becky’s family. She was very close to her father until the family was divided by divorce and miles. This strained her relationship with her father, yet the rest of her family was close. She illustrates this in each touching memory of family vacations holidays, and the ups and downs of life.

Not long after high school, Becky eloped. The next few years were spent as an Army wife, stationed in Germany. She also shares stories of motherhood. There are many tales of this period of her life. Even through the obvious hardships, Becky retained her trademark sense of humour and positive attitude. Though her first marriage ended, Becky shares happy stories from her second marriage.

She is open, honest and very genuine in her writing.  There are many funny stories, due to what Becky refers to as having a “klutz gene”. Reading her book is like sitting down with a friend and reminiscing. Her book is both fun and easy to read.

The 1950s were a simpler time in many ways, and Becky reminds us of the simple goodness of growing up in that time. The foundation was set. Becky Lewellen Povich took her roots and continued to grow. In each life experience she found humour and lessons. I am thankful she shares them with us in her writing. 

Please visit Becky on her blog: Becky Lewellen Povich: Writer, Humorist, Bliss Follower . 

37 thoughts on “From Pigtails to Chin Hairs

  1. As another girl who grew up in the Midwest in the 50's, I know I'll find this to be a fun trip down memory lane! I'm adding it to my reading list and heading over to check out Becky's blog. Thank you for the review, Annie!


  2. I always love a good book review. Yours makes me want to pick up this book. Sounds like a cherished read.

    Thanks for sharing, and writing this review so well!


  3. I have to get this book!! Your review of it makes me want to dive into it right this minute. I adore memoirs, there is something about re-living a treasured moment of someone's life…it tugs on the heartstrings…this one is next on my list. Thank you for sharing Ann.


  4. Sounds exceptionally good and like a person and memoir to which I could relate. Right now I am reading the memoir of Pat Conroy, my very favorite author. But will take note of this one for future reading. Thanks for the review. XO, Janet


  5. Hello SquirrelQueen! Wow, thanks for your comments! Amazon does let you “Look Inside” the book a little bit, which I really like. It can be purchased there, of course, and/or directly from my website. Weren't the fifties the best?!


  6. that title though. awesome.
    this sounds like one my mom could really enjoy. I will have to pass it on to her. (not that she has chin hairs or anything! don't say I said that….she can still put me in time out. ha)


  7. Oh Becky, I have to get your book! The title is just wonderful! What a great review, congratulations! I know it's well deserved! I know it'll be a book that I can't put down!

    Hugs, sweet friend.


  8. She and I would get along great … as a 1950's Tomboy, who climbed trees and played baseball and football with the boys, I know where she is coming from. Simple and wonderful times … we could go out on the street at night and not be afraid. I love the sound of this book … think I will put it on my “to read” list.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  9. Hello Andrea! How fun to “meet” you! Yes, we would surely get along great! I'm glad you like the way my book sounds and that you might put it on your “to read” list! Thank you!


  10. I have to thank you again, McGuffy! Your review is just fantastic and your followers/commenters are wonderful. I hope to hop over to all their blogs as soon as I can!


  11. Hi McGuffy, I read this book a month or two ago and loved it. Becky has such a down-home way of expressing herself, she reminded me of many of the things that went on in my life in the fifties. She brought back many fond memories.


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