When Nova passed away, it was left to Amanda to go through her grandmother’s things. In Grammy’s bedroom closet she found an old wooden box that she had never seen before. 

Opening the box, she found it full of old pictures, papers, letters, locks of hair, and many other items. Each item had names, dates, and details written carefully on or attached to it. 

Amanda knew some of the people and events, but knew how special this box truly was. A note taped to the inside of the lid read, “Nova’s Remembering Box”.

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket

37 thoughts on “"Remembering"

  1. wow what a cool thing that would be to find! The picture of the box up there? Is that a stock photo or is that actually something you have ? …because it's a really cool box.


  2. Thanks, Terri. I wish I did, too. My family is extremely fragmented or estranged on both sides. I have a couple of items that I begged for from early childhood, including the huge original wedding portrait of my great-grandparents, from the 1890s. It is precious to me.


  3. It must not have been a tradition in my family because there was never a box to find … things were left, most of which we couldn't identify, so I think this is a great idea. Nice post, McGuffy …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  4. Beautiful, Annie! I have a box like this, but the things that should go in it are scattered thru the house and in many stored boxes. I hope some day to get it all together, though I doubt I should ever be ambitious enough to label things. What a lovely idea this is to pass down! Great story!


  5. What a wonderful story, I wish we could all have boxes like this one. No one in my family left such a thing but my husband's grandfather did. I have spent hours going through it on several occasions. Besides sharing his memories he also helped me with my husband's family's history. It also generated a story about him and his wife, hubby's grandmother, that I published on my blog a few years ago.


  6. oh my goodness! this happened when my grandma died. we found boxes where she had kept things us grandchildren had made her when we were young, or pictures of us, or cards we'd given her. She still had book of poems I had done in kindergarden with pictures I had drawn of her garden!!
    But — we also found journals and sketch books!! Turns out grandma could write and draw quite well! It was so special. I have that poem book back now and often I take it out and get inspired that a little piece of my grandma, lives on in me.


  7. It really is beautiful. I love little boxes and I love finding out what is inside. I have several that belonged to my parents and husbands parents…and some tins too…filled with photographs and other keepsakes.


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