The chill of your silence is brutally clear;
I may freeze to death, I fear.
I foolishly made a fatal mistake,
and now myself I must forsake.
In your blizzard I’m all alone;
your frost chills me to the bone.
How sorry I am, you’ll never know. 
I didn’t mean to make it snow.

Poem & Image: McGuffy Ann Morris
Poem from my book, “Weeds

36 thoughts on “Frostbite

  1. This is why life with fur companions is easier. You might get the back of disrespect from time to time, but you do always know where you stand…and they're far, far more forgiving of any mistakes. 🙂


  2. O boy, this can go so many ways! all in the mind of the reader! Perfect poem today too! I thought spring was moving in, and sure enough oh man winter blew his stormy way in again! Yikes!


  3. I know some people like that… Great poem for this time of year.

    Mother Nature's anger must have passed because we are thawing at the moment. It won't be long before something sets her off to her chilly self again.



  4. I have known this icy cold, it can be very hard to live with. Your title is perfect… “Frostbite”, yes indeed! The last two lines were incredibly beautiful, I have committed them to memory. Thank you for your words, Annie – soft as a snowfall, and yet so very powerful.


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