Bone Horses

By Lesley Poling-Kempes

This complex, multi-layered mystery is set in modern day New Mexico. However, we learn much about the past and legends in this novel.

Charlotte is a very stable and reliable teacher who comes to Agua Dulce, New Mexico from New York. She learns the legends of the wild horses haunting the area, and the ravens that embody ancestors. Charlotte also learns shocking things about her own mother’s past. When she becomes the target of a crazed killer, she finds love with a cowboy.

Nothing is simple here, however. There are many twists and turns in this story. The characters are colourful and very real. They live by legend, tradition, and family history. They struggle with issues of today, such as poverty, education, substance abuse, religious beliefs, and environmental issues. 

Lesley Poling-Kempes writes with emotion, respect and knowledge of the Southwest and New Mexico. She shares the raw beauty of the landscape and its wildlife. She also brings to life the people and their traditions. This is a very unique and special novel.

2013 Tony Hillerman 
Award for Best Fiction

32 thoughts on “Bone Horses

  1. And, McGuffy, did I tell you that the main characters in my first novel, CANYON OF REMEMBERING, include a family of spectacular cats? Yes…and their lives with an artist living on the high desert of New Mexico….where else?


  2. I've wished for many years that my life could have had a moment in New Mexico. The culture and the beautiful-ness of nature fascinate me. And I really, REALLY, like their license plates. I want one.


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