“Tricks & Treats”

The dog had no self-confidence, but just wanted to please people. She was cautious, but clearly wanted to be loved by her new owners.

As they worked with her, she began to believe in them, and herself, too.  Along with the basics of dog training, she was taught some easy tricks and the joy of treats. Soon she caught on to the human expectations, and her confidence grew. 

She became quite self-assured once she felt that she truly had a “forever home”.

Our Polly, the “Coydog”,
at 17 years old
(rescued at one year old)

Story & Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris
~for all “Rescue Dogs” & their people~

27 thoughts on ““Tricks & Treats”

  1. OH Polly … we do miss you. She was very confident when I met her … she was in her teens by then. What fun times she and Izzi had together. Great story, McGuffy …



  2. Yes, I know you loved Polly, as she did you & Izzi. She came a long way from when we took her in as not much more than a pup. That is what it is all about, them becoming who they are meant to be. She did that, and we loved her for who she was. Thanks, Andrea.


  3. Polly was an absolutely adorable woofie. You were so lucky to have her for such a long time. You must miss her everyday. Hope you have that adorable photo framed somewhere so you can see it often. Thank you so much for sharing. XO, Janet


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