Winter Cats

It has been a long, cold
and snowy Winter here.
We set records for subzero temperatures.

 It seems to snow every couple of days!
It is getting to the point of not 
being so much fun anymore!

 Please make sure to take extra care of 
pets (and strays) in the Winter weather. 

 We are already looking forward to Spring!
We hope you are all safe and warm!

Linked to: Cat Thursday

34 thoughts on “Winter Cats

  1. There is nothing right about leaving Pets in this type of weather. I just read on a blog how someone left their pets outside and one was frozen to the ground!!! Thankfully, this poor baby was saved from the monsters that left them there!
    Miss Kitty Ino & Izzy


  2. Delightful photos/captions! You are so good at this, I always look forward to your Thursday furkid smiles! 🙂 I know that cats and dogs everywhere are eagerly waiting for the warm sunshine of Spring, and you too! It will come!


  3. As my cats would say, MOL!
    I don't like seeing any creature out in the sub zero temps. When it snows or rains my semi-ferals will come to the covered patio, sit on their heated blankets and pout about the weather. A couple of our neighbors have outside cats and sometimes they will join my furbabies. I do know they both have covered areas to snuggle down however but they are not inside cats. That's okay, I make places for all of them to stay warm.


  4. Oh my… I am amazed by those pictures. They're all so good & I love your theme. It's especially funny when you see KITTENS in snow. They don't know what to do as they haven't experienced it before. I remember when Caleb first explored snow. Such a joy 🙂 And thanks for dropping by my post Ann! 😀


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