42 thoughts on “Squirrel Appreciation Day

  1. Squirrels are little pest but so fun to watch.
    They have personalities and have some smarts too and I have many stories of their antics.
    I just love the pictures and captions today. So so cold today, I just can't warm up.


  2. I actually love squirrels – they visit my back deck, and did more so when I kept birdseed out there…something I let go. I need to get some and invite them (and the birds) back to my deck!!!



  3. Awww what a cute post. We like squirrels here and welcome their eating out of the birdseed tray on the patio. One like to tease Mario – he sits opposite Mario with the patio door between then and almost thumbs his nose at Mario, knowing Mario can't chase him.


  4. How could you not enjoy them … they are such acrobats and full of mischief. Not to mention they have very big appetites, as my feed bill will attest. And Izzi finds then to be great sport, though she can never catch them, she does try. Then they sit in the tree and scold her for the harassment. Cute, industrious and entertaining … Great post, McGuffy 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  5. What a great post for today. The first pic is my favorite as it reminds me of a squirrel that was in our yard when we lived in Portland. When the squirrel feeder was empty he would show up at the patio door. In fact one time I had the door open and a bag of peanuts sitting nearby. He came in and tried to drag the bag out the door.

    Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!


  6. These photos are terrific, and the captions so funny. I almost missed out on posting 'cause I couldn't find the photos I wanted and when I did, the computer didn't want to read the card. Thanks for the adorable post. XO, Janet


  7. I loved this, squirrels are just delightful critters! We don't see all that many in these parts, trees being more scarce, so when we do it's a special delight. My daughter probably spends as much on squirrel food and cat food as she does on human food. She share many photos of her cats watching the squirrels at their feeder outside the window, it's adorable!


  8. We love squirrels here. They're cute, and oh-so-fun to watch!

    McGuffy Ann, we wanted to say thanks for your care and concern (and purrs and prayers) for Moosey. He seems to be feeling pretty good for now … we're just waiting for those blood tests to come back to see where we go from here…



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