Lost Lake

By Sarah Addison Allen

This wonderful novel is set in Georgia. Kate, a young widow, has been merely sleepwalking for the past year. Her mother-in-law has taken over her life, as well as that of her young daughter, Devin’s life. Kate had only gone through the motions of living.

Upon coming across an old postcard of Lost Lake, Kate realizes that she needs to take control of her life and Devin’s. Lost Lake is just the place to start. She remembered it as the perfect place of her childhood, as she and Devin set out for Lost Lake Resort.

The resort is owned by Kate’s Aunt Eby who, now growing older, wonders if she should continue on or sell the old place. It needs work and she is tired. Both she and the resort are not what they once were, she fears.

However, the resort has colourful people who have gathered there for many years. They come together, each with their own woes and stories. Misfits of various kinds, they have a place at Lost Lake, finding acceptance, friendship, and ultimately themselves.

Kate finds the support that she needs at Lost Lake. She finds a special childhood friend, as well as Aunt Eby. Kate is reawakened and energized by Lost Lake. It has a magic of its own. Devin knows this immediately, following clues to uncover mysteries and secrets there. 

This may be one of Sarah Addison Allen’s best works. I believe it is indeed a magical novel. I was drawn in from the start, and did not want to leave Lost Lake.

20 thoughts on “Lost Lake

  1. That sound like a really interesting book. I just don't take too kindly to controlling people,and I'm glad that Kate is taking control of her life.
    I'll be looking for that book this summer to sit on my outdoor swing on the deck and read.
    Thanks for the review.


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