Greenies Dog Treats

It is understandable that dogs cannot brush their teeth. However, they eat (often things they shouldn’t). Dogs can develop decay and other oral health issues. Consequently, they rely on humans to help them with their oral hygiene.

Recently, asked Stella to try Greenies Dog Treats. I was very happy for her to try a treat that can help keep her teeth and gums healthy. She is just happy to try new treats.

There is good reason Greenies is called a “smart treat”. These green, toothbrush shaped treats offer a total health solution to dogs. They also have fewer calories and less fat than many other treats. Greenies are easily digestible, which is important for dogs with sensitive tummies.

In addition to their taste appeal, this treat fights tartar and plaque build-up. When given daily, they can help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Greenies help to create good oral hygiene, while freshening breath. Available in five sizes, from “Teenie” to “Jumbo”, there is a Greenie for every dog. 

Greenies are endorsed by The Veterinary Oral Health Council . As with all health decisions, I recommend discussing oral hygiene with your dog’s own veterinarian. Ask for their opinion on this treat, and if it a good choice for your dog.

28 thoughts on “Greenies Dog Treats

  1. I tried Greenies for the cats but it didn't go over well. But I know dogs seem to really like them. It has to be easier than brushing their teeth – I've just started to introduce the finger brush to George and Gracie…very slowly, we'll see how it goes.


  2. Oh so sweet Stella! I give my dogs these too, although this last bag I bought seem to be a bit harder for my two smaller dogs, so only big Misty will get the rest of that bag. They do work!


  3. We're glad she loves her treats and hope they do make a significant, positive difference to her dental health!

    BTW, why can't humans eat treats to clean their teeth and avoid the dentist? LOL.


  4. I have the one kitty in the Universe who will NOT eat Greenies Cat Treats. Nope. Nor will she eat the pill pockets just plain with no pill to get her used to them. The sorry little one just turns up her velvet nosie. She won't take any good -for- her- treats, nostrums..nothing but cat food thank you ma'am.! xo


  5. Stella is so pretty! And we are glad she enjoys those Greenies so much. 🙂

    I guess it makes sense that they come in a range of sizes, but it kind of made me smile that there are “Teenie” and “Jumbo.”


  6. I used to give my dogs Greenies, until I had a problem with a piece swelling in the throat of my chow mix. Some other people at the dog park had similar issues, so watch your dog carefully while they're eating them. This was several years ago, btw, and I have no idea if they've changed the formula to address that problem.


  7. It is important to take into consideration each dog's chewing habits, and to offer the correct size treat. I also talk with my vets regarding each pet's health, breed, breed and history. No two animals are alike. When giving any treat, take everything into consideration and consult your vet.


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