Road Trip with Bill

This month I will be on a road trip with Bill. I will be away for about three weeks. It has been awhile since I went out on the road. After changing trucking companies last fall, Bill needed to get settled in. He is very anxious for me to ride along, now. Since he began trucking, we spend between three to six weeks apart at a time. This past Christmas was the first holiday we shared in a few years. Our time together is a bit unique, but a reality of long haul trucking.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been preparing to go on this road trip. It takes a lot planning to be gone for three weeks! We are blessed to have a neighbour and friend come in to care for our FurKids. Maggie, Grizelda and Chloe Jo will be staying “home alone” (uh oh). Thank goodness for our neighbour’s supervision and care! Stella will be going on this trip with us.

I will still check in as I can. You are all important to me. However, I may not be able to join in on memes until I am back home. I will also post as I am able. Trucks use main routes, but often end up in the middle of nowhere, such as cattle country. There are times that truck stops are not an option, either. Some of the places Bill goes to are very remote. 

I will be back home and blogging as usual soon. Please know that I will be taking pictures and notes. I will share these when I am home. I hope you will follow along, and join me then. Until then, we are on an adventure together!

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32 thoughts on “Road Trip with Bill

  1. Have a wonderful trip–we hope the roads will be safe (i.e. snow and ice-free, not sure where Bill's routes take him).

    You know, it could be quite an adjustment for you both when he eventually retires! 😀


  2. Hey! Have a Happy Time together. Just wondering, is that picture on I68 in Maryland. If it is I lived in that area all my life until I moved to Iowa. It sure does look familiar.


  3. Well, fingers crossed that your trip is safe and that you are able to have some quality time together. Will talk to you before you leave, I assume 🙂 Bon Voyage!!

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  4. I'm so happy for you Ann. It must be very difficult to be apart for so long especially in winter. I know that your fur babies will miss yo but They will b OK and well taken care of. I hope that you have a great time.
    Safe travel.
    Big hugs for the road.


  5. What a great time for both of you! I know you miss each other when you're apart. And I wasn't aware of Bill's career(s). I'm proud of him, too…and of YOU for being the wife that you are. Have a wonderful, safe trip! I'll be thinking of you both.


  6. Enjoy your time with Bill on the road. We're so lucky that when we're on the road with take our house and furkids with us. It's nice you have someone to watch the fuzzy ones. That's one problem when you are always on the move, you don't always have someone you know and trust to watch the pets for any stay away from home. But….it's worth it.


  7. Hope you have the best time. I loved your stories and pictures from when you went (to Detroit I think that was) last time. I love going for road trips with my hubby, but we are never gone for three weeks. Have fun. xx


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