Happy Birthday, Stella!

About this time last year Bill and I decided it was time to add a dog to our family (again). It had been almost a year without a dog in our house, and it was lonely. We talked about options, from a puppy to a “rescue”. It was decided when we saw this little bi-black Sheltie on the Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue page of Facebook. I saw her, read her story, and knew she was the one. I showed Bill her picture and told him her story. He agreed. 

She was being treated for heartworm, but we were not deterred. We had been through that with another dog that we had rescued. So, we put in an application with CISR. We were interviewed and approved immediately. We were then asked who we were interested in and invited to meet them. 

We immediately requested Stella, though we had to wait for her to be released from the veterinarian’s care. There was no doubt that she was the one for us. We knew we could give her what she needs and deserves, too. It was obvious when we finally were able to bring her home. She belongs with us; we are her forever home. She is ours, and we are hers.

Stella has come a long way this year. Her recent tests confirm she is (indeed) heartworm free. She now has confidence, as she knows she is loved. She has taken over our home, yard, family, and hearts. She makes friends wherever she goes, even in trucking. She is so sweet, well behaved, calm and accepting. She is proud of herself, and we are proud of her. She is amazing. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Stella! We love you! 
~from Mom, Dad, Maggie, Grizelda and Chloe Jo~  

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Stella!

  1. She is just lovely. I love shelties, as you might guess. We found our Kane in a shelter 13 years ago. He has been a wonderful companion. Happy Birthday to Stella. Deb


  2. Happy birthday, Stella! This is the first post in my Feedly this morning, and a wonderful way to start my day. Stella found the perfect humans for her and we all wish her many happy and healthy birthdays to come!


  3. I've been wondering about your anipals while you've both been on the road. Did Stella accompany you? What about the kitties? Happy 4th B'day, Stella. You really are a beautiful girl! XO, Janet and Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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