We Are Home

We are home! Now we are catching up on chores (such as cat grooming, cleaning and laundry) and other things that need doing. Bill is pruning the Rose of Sharon and the peach tree. It was such a wicked winter; we hope everything survived.

We were out on the road for almost five weeks, instead of the planned three weeks. This is fairly common in trucking, especially in the Winter. Weather cancels loads or changes pick up and delivery times, and there tends to be a shortage of truckers. Bill will be back on the road on Wednesday, March 12th.

The Girls were very happy to have Mom and Dad come home. We wondered how they would react to Stella after being gone so long. She has never been gone for more than a few hours to the vet or groomer. We always say that she is Chloe Jo’s dog, and she is. Their reunion was sweet, with hugs and kisses, followed by a close embrace at bedtime. (They both sleep with Mom and Dad.) Maggie and Grizelda are very talkative, affectionate, and happy to have their routine back in order. (No offense to our pet sitter, who was devoted and appreciated.)

I am busy downloading pictures and organizing notes. I hope to be able to share some of my trucking experience with you. Taking pictures at 65 MPH, day and night, in all kinds of weather, is very tricky! I did my best, though.

I will be getting back to more regular posting, commenting, visiting and joining memes over the next week or so. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We are home now!

Chloe Jo & Stella 

21 thoughts on “We Are Home

  1. OMC, Chloe Jo and Stella. What a precious reunion. Wow, five weeks. I cannot imagine leaving our eight for five weeks. They would never forgive us. The longest we have been away is three, and they were ticked off for a really long time. Really glad your back. Missed you and your wonderful writing. Hugs, Janet


  2. Great, glad you brought Stella with y'all. I think it is hard being away from your animals for so long! I am glad y'all made it home safely and got to see the rest of the family. They probably missed you and were wondering why you haven't been back yet. “She Said three weeks, it's been 5!” : )


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