Cat & Author #30

Peter Matthiessen

Author Peter Matthiessen is also known for his work as an environmental activist. His most popular book is The Snow Leopard. The books tells of his journey into the Himalayas with the zoologist, George Schaller, in search of the elusive Snow Leopard. The search was for naught. Peter was left to believe that perhaps some things are not meant to be seen, that perhaps it is better that way. I believe I must agree with him.

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32 thoughts on “Cat & Author #30

  1. Too bad he didn't sighted the Snow Leopard. it must be a magnificent animal to see live. Like he says, maybe it was best that way.
    It's good to have you back.


  2. I so wish that Hank would be a lap cat like that. It's so comforting to hold one and just have it be there to stroke now and then. Hank does not have that gene in his whole body.


  3. Roe, some of ours have been like Hank. It makes it hard on you and them, too. You want that cuddle-connection, but they just can't abide it…even though it would be good for them. I feel for both of you. Hug.


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