The storm had come out of nowhere, fast and furious, covering everything with a sheet of ice. Traveling the slick untreated roads in the dim early morning, Gus should have known to take it slowly.

Pulling him from the rolled, mangled wreckage of what once was his Jeep, the emergency medical technicians told Gus how lucky he was. He watched as the police gathered the several dozen medicine bottles and hundreds of pills strewn across the road around the wreckage.

Gus now wondered if his luck had just run out.

Story & Photo: McGuffy Ann Morris

Word Prompt: Lucky

40 thoughts on “"Lucky"

  1. I really like that Gus was not just out for an innocent drive and you've managed to work in a second level to the prompt. I wonder what will happen to poor Gus now, but seeing as we don't know what the pills were perhaps poor isn't the right wording.
    The only snag I have with this piece is the proximity of pill bottles and pills next to each other. Personally I would prefer capsule, or tablets instead of pills, but that's just me and repetition.


  2. I can totally relate to your story of sheet of ice,how dangerous it can be if the driver is not cautious. Will you please continue this story it is so amazing. I want to know what happened to Gus.
    Thank you.


  3. Yes, I would definitely say that Gus' luck has run out. Great take on the story, and how funny that we both should choose to write about a car accident. 🙂



  4. Gus definitely had been lucky on this day, I'd never drive anywhere in weather like this as it's almost like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. Here you're using about a vehicle weighing about a ton instead of bullet, Vividly done.


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