Ice Road Trucking: Texas Style

Trucking in Dallas, Texas is a challenge,
even on a really good day.
Road rage is rampant and dangerous.
I saw pick-up trucks chase cars, and
cars challenge semi-trucks.
I saw vehicles weave in and out 
between semis during busy rush hour. 

The worst of it was during an ice storm.
While they do not get a lot of snow,
they do get freezing rain seasonally.
 We were caught near Dallas when one
extremely severe ice storm hit hard.
The truck stops were full, as roads became still. 
The morning after, roads were slick & icy, 
having been neither plowed nor treated.
Salting and sanding is recommended in most 
areas for treating roads for snow and ice! 
 You can see the lights reflecting off 
of the icy, untreated roads around Dallas. 
 Traffic was heavy, & accidents were everywhere.
We passed many vehicle wrecked or in ditches.
However, people continued to tailgate & speed!
 There were many serious accidents, from
spin-outs to rollovers on the icy roads.

People did not slow down for conditions!

 This vehicle made it through guardrails, rolled,
 and landed upside down. He was one of many.
 Bill (next to the vehicle) stopped to assist.
Many vehicles were totaled and had to be towed.
However, traffic continued on at the same pace.
Ice road trucking in Texas…seriously scary!
Slow down & let others go; arrive alive.

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43 thoughts on “Ice Road Trucking: Texas Style

  1. yup, i can attest to that. folks in dallas do not know how to slow down in icy conditions. coming from wisconsin, i used to get out in drive in it. i soon realized the icy conditions weren't going to kill me, but the other drivers around me would! 🙂


  2. WOW – what a horrible trip that must have been. Guess we are spoiled here – we're salted and plowed early in the day and ready to go. I would hate to drive down there under those conditions. So thankful you and hubby made it back okay,.


  3. I am with you, M. It was so crazy. They are spending money on new high rise roads, but nothing on treating the roads under icy conxitions. The road rage, speeding, and tailgating was shocking. Bill said it is like that consistently there. Other cities aren't. As big as Dallas is and as rich as Texas is, they should know better.


  4. Driving in places that aren't used to weather like that with people that do not know how to adjust their driving is crazy. So glad you made it safely!!


  5. It never ceases to amaze me how people drive in conditions that are less than perfect. As I get older I think I get more and more cautious and if I don't have to drive in it, I don't. We have driven in some treacherous weather this year out of necessity and trust me—I would have far rather had been at home safe and sound in my own home with my car in the garage. I am sure Bill sees it all. And then some.


  6. Seeing all of the wrecks, literally everywhere, should have been a clue. However, Dallas does get freezing rain often enough to know it is slick. People were speeding past police cars and tow trucks!


  7. Even in our climate, ice storms are deadly. Can't imagine not having plows and sanders out.

    BTW, there have been SO many terrible pile-ups on highway 401 this winter, many in our region. People just don't slow down and drive according to conditions, even in Ontario, Canada, and with our winters. Crazy. Makes me very glad that I don't have a vehicle and rely on public transit!


  8. Fortuinately for you Bill knows what he is doing on ice or on good roads …. and he knows enough to stay away from the crazies. It was good of him to stop to help. I'm sure there were many who didn't. Ice storms in country where they aren't used to it can be a real disaster, as this winter has taught us all. Glad you are home safe and sound 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  9. Oh Annie, I can't imagine what in the name of common sense could make people NOT slow down or even stay home when this happens. Seeing the vehicles alongside of the road makes it even more mind boggling to me.


  10. How scary to be on the road during that. Someday, I will tell you about our engine blowing up in our car in the middle of Texas (before the day of cell phones) in December. Long, crazy story. Glad you and Bill remained safe. Hugs, Janet


  11. Scary Stuff!! Thank God for traveling mercies for you and Bill!
    We got awful weather up here – but most of us learned to drive in such conditions AND we drive according to the conditions. anything less is just crazy stupid. Drive to Arrive people!


  12. I lived in Anchorage for ten years and drove every where during the long winters on snow and black ice. I never gave it a second thought. When I met my hubby and we moved down to the lower 48 I learned how insane drivers could get in winter conditions. All it takes is common sense to stay safe but these folks apparently have none. I still drive in the winter but I keep to the side streets where it's a little less crazy.


  13. I will NEVER understand how people can pass these accidents and still not slow down. It is beyond belief. It happens here too – and everywhere I imagine. And all the commercials on tv equate speed with virility or something which just feeds into the whole syndrome. Am glad you made it through safely. Nice of you and your husband to stop and assist.


  14. That's so scary. We don't have icy roads here, although we do have hail storms and people do act very crazy for some reason. I know you worry about Bill being on the roads just as I worry about Mike. PLEASE everyone slow down and make sure our hubbies make it home.


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