Farmhouse Porch Chat (132)

I have not participated in the Farmhouse Porch Chat at Everyday Ruralty in awhile. Patrice is a wonderful hostess and Wendell is a wonderful horse. Time gets away from me, just as it does with all of us. Today, I find myself here, so will stop in and visit. Please join us!

The questions of the day and my answers are:
What is your favorite room of your house or apartment?
I think my favourite room is our living room. It has a bay window, our recliners, the TV and stereo, and the critters are always doing something entertaining!
What’s your favorite topping for pancakes or waffles?

I like bananas and walnuts, on either. However, apple/cinnamon would be a second choice.
Do you like dried fruit?
I love dried fruit! Bill sometimes brings me dried kiwi or dried strawberries. Together, it is heavenly!
Please finish this statement. “As soon as we have good spring weather, I’m going to have to clean up Winter’s mess!” (Winter really had an all-out, prolonged tantrum this year.)
Tell me a memory from your childhood. 
Going to the Humane Society, when I was ten years old, to choose a dog was a life changing moment for me. Out of the entire, huge building that was filled with animals, I was allowed to choose a puppy. I chose a little black mutt. She was the only one not barking or running around. She was sitting in a huge empty bowl. I just knew she was the one. She was. She was my best friend for the next fifteen-and-a-half years. She taught me far more than I taught her, and she helped me through many experiences in life. 

Thank you, Patrice and Wendell. I appreciate your hosting this “chat”. I hope you are both enjoying the beginning of Spring. I wish for a warm and beautiful one for everyone! 

28 thoughts on “Farmhouse Porch Chat (132)

  1. Time certainly slips away sometimes without barely a notice.
    My pets were always cats and always dear.

    I don't understand about Goole connect. I was just able to follow you.


  2. I have had a banana cake with walnuts in it, which is delicious. I like this combination, but I have never thought of topping my pancakes with them. Probably I should give it a try.


  3. we will be a while cleaning up after old man grumpy winter too. Our front yard is sure to flood when all this snow starts melting. but, as Nature usually does — it will make for a very nicely watered garden eventually, and lovely green grass.


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