Kansas is deep in America’s heartland.

There are many farms that grow a variety 
of grain, vegetables, and hay for livestock. 

Cattle yards are an integral part of Kansas. 
 Livestock yards and “packing plants” are a very 
important part of the farming industry in Kansas.

Cattle are fed in special feeding pens and 
holding yards, to be processed year-round.
 This is a Winter feeding yard near Dodge City.
A busy feed mill for the cattle near Dodge City.
Kansas has a rugged beauty, and a long, 
important history of helping keep America fed.
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29 thoughts on “Kansas

  1. I'm amazed at how the cattle keep their distance from each others. I also wonder how they keep their hooves from freezing. We have cattle in the back who don't come in the barn but stay where it's cold in the shelter.
    Thanks for the info.


  2. I was amazed the time we drove through Kansas at how far between the towns were. Of course that was many years ago. It is probably different now.. Great photos!


  3. I think many times we tend to forget the work and dedication it takes to get that beef to market. A lot has to happen before we can purchase it from the grocery store shelves.
    Wonderful landscapes!


  4. I always thought Kansas was flat and boring, but then I only traveled through it as a child. I also thought Nebraska was boring until I went there to see the Sandhill Crane migration. I now know that I need to look at things through different eyes. There is wonder in any place you go if you are open to it. These are great pictures Annie and you opened my eyes to a part of Kansas that I wasn't aware of. Nice post …


  5. I've always liked Kansas, so big and flat. You could see all of the clouds and everything. Also the weather is very interesting, snow and thunderstorms. My older sister went on a business trip there and there was a snow storm and then a severe thunderstorm the next day, or week! : )


  6. Since I come from Farmer Stock – Thank You!! Even though I'm Canadian farm stock – farmers all over the world are still such an important part of our society, our economics and our culture. I miss the farm – the daily simple life of tending the earth and animals.
    And I didn't think that Kansas would have snow! I feel an infinity with them now. 😉


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