Pet Naturals “Daily Best” for Cats

Pet Naturals of Vermont has a fun shaped chew for cats. It is their “Daily Best” multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. This treat is also sugar-free. Made in the USA, I feel confident that it is made under proper and acceptable guidelines.

In addition to the balanced complex B vitamins, “Daily Best” contains antioxidants for proper immune function. “Daily Best” contains necessary digestive enzymes including taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. It supports eye, neurological, and cardiovascular health. This supplement also contains Omega 3 and Biotin for healthy skin and coat.

For adult cats, the recommended daily dosage is two chews: one in the morning and one in the evening. This works out very well at our house. Our girls love the chicken liver flavor. While they think they are getting a treat, I know they are getting much more! We will continue to use “Daily Best”. 

You can get these healthy and essential supplements from We recommend them for all your cat friends, but as with all supplements consult your veterinarian.

5 thoughts on “Pet Naturals “Daily Best” for Cats

  1. One of our pet store chains actually carries Pet Naturals, has for a year or two, which is nice. I was buying their products for a bit, but now just shop via a U.S. on-line retailer, usually the Vetri-Science brand for the lysine “treats” the boys get daily.

    I wonder if cats really need these supplements…I suppose it's the same with humans, there are those who are pro-supplement and those who say they're a waste of money (for any species, I mean).

    I'm glad they work for your girls! 🙂


  2. While i give the cats a “complete and balanced” diet that is supposed to already have everything in it they need, it's nice to know there's a “treat” that's actually a healthy supplement that's an option when i'm trying to train them into doing or not doing something.


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