The Hungrys

Cats like to nibble & snack…often.
Some cats will eat just about anything.
However, we should offer healthy treats!
They don’t like to go without,
so it is good to be prepared!
Who can resist this?
We certainly can’t resist.
We have routines at our house.
There are morning treats, and
then there are bedtime treats.
When Dad is away, on the road 
(trucking), I regularly put him 
on Speaker-Phone. He can give 
the girls treats with my assistance.
They hear his voice & line up,
each waiting their turn.
Everyone likes treats,
& they can be healthy!

Linked to: Cat Thursday

32 thoughts on “The Hungrys

  1. Thanks, Mimi. We have all had to adapt to Dad's “new career”. This is important to keep him connected to them. They will be asleep, but as soon as they hear his voice, they run to where the phone is. He misses them as much as they miss him.


  2. I remember when I looked after my MIL's cat… the end of the first week (and mostly due to the kids eagerness) he knew the sound of the pantry door opening. that's where the treats were stored. but he was so cute, it was hard to resist.


  3. I love all the LOL cats but the kitten grabbing the donut made me laugh out loud. Kitties do love their treats and routines. They probably think they have you trained to answer the phone so they can hear daddy's voice and get their goodies.


  4. We are fortunate that George and Gracie don't seem to beg for “people food” but Gracie has turned into a treat hound and Left Brain doesn't seem to be able to say no very well. As a consequence she is getting a tummy and is heavier.


  5. Maggie doesn't care for people food. Grizelda is attracted to meat. It is Chloe Jo who is our perpetual baby. She thinks she should have what we have, do what we do, and be with (ON) us at all times. But, we raised her (and Grizelda) from birth. We literally ARE Mom & Dad.


  6. Yup, treats are good. Mine are on a cat treat schedule…treats in the morning and then again in the evening. Sometimes Miss Alice tries to get a snack between times, but I stick to the routine. She is often dejected by this. lol!


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