Mr. Tom was known to mumble softly most of the time. If asked what he said, he would quietly reply that he was talking to himself.

Sometimes people would ask him to repeat himself, but he just shrugged his shoulders. He would often slowly shake his head in response to questions. 

If pursued,  Mr. Tom would finally say, “I talk to myself because I am the most prudent man I know.”

Story: McGuffy Ann Morris
Photo: Photobucket

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Word Prompt: Companion

34 thoughts on ““Companion”

  1. He may well be right … look around you 🙂 Maybe we all should talk to ourselves more … but then there is never a chance of learning something new. Then again, we could avoid hearing what we hear that upsets us. Certainly gets me thinking 🙂 As always, great job, McGuffy…

    Andra @ From the Sol


  2. I know somebody who liked to talk to himself a lot…actually I know quite a few! Sadly I don't think hardly any of them believe in the words they say. I like it though! 🙂


  3. Questions can be a good way to learn, as long as they are not invasive or inappropriate. However, never say never! I read to learn. I listen to learn. Growing up down South, I was taught if my mouth is open I am not learning. I am glad I made you think!


  4. I do talk to myself. I give myself good company! 🙂
    Mr.Tom has a real undying love-affair as he talks to himself & is two-in-one- both the speaker & the listener…


  5. Good story. I related to it as my Tom is a huge mumbler. Unfortunately, he is talking to me when he does it. I don't remember when the habit started, but it drives me bonkers. Hugs, Janet


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