31 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. I'm so glad you're back. I missed you while you were away.

    Thanks so much for your kind words last week. They truly mean a lot. I'm very grateful for blogging friends like you. ♥


  2. I think it is safe to say that Bill is not like your Dad, from comments you have made. (Bill was corporate for 35 years until the economy ended that stint.) Your Old Man taught you more than mine did me. Reading maps is a good thing. Mine was never there…ever. I guess perhaps that he taught me to rely on myself.


  3. My father would come home for one long weekend per month. He spent the 1st half sleeping and the other half treating my mother like a truckstop waitress while complaining about what a lousy job she was doing raising the kids. Don't get me started


  4. There's nothing to continue or clarify. I hope you haven't misunderstood. I only meant don't get me started about my father, not truckers in general and especially not your husband. I have lots of respect for drivers, certainly meant nothing negative about Bill.


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