From Stella

I was invited to do this post. Let me introduce myself properly, please. I am Stella Belle.

I was adopted a year ago, through Sheltie Rescue. I am a Bi-Black Shetland Sheepdog. However, these are most definitely my real parents! They waited for me to be released from medical care, because I had to be treated for heartworm. I am fine, now. They take good care of me, feed me well, take me to my doctor regularly, and always give me my medicine (and healthy treats).

 Mom & Me

Dad & Me

I was a little shy, but have gotten used to my house, yard, routine, & even my cat sisters.
 Maggie P.


Chloe Jo

They say I am Chloe Jo’s dog…or maybe it is just Chloe Jo that thinks that. I don’t argue. We all love Chloe Jo. She’s the baby. She really loves me, too.
Chloe Jo & Me

I love to cuddle, and hang out with my cat sisters and parents. I have excellent manners, love everyone: all people, species and ages. I very rarely bark, and even then only once or twice. I am not afraid of anything, though. I love to go for walks and I travel very well. 

In fact, I am a trucker dog. My Dad is a long haul trucker. I just got back from over five weeks on the road with my parents! Usually Dad goes alone, but we went with him last time! I got to see a lot of America! I really had fun, saw many states, met a lot of people, and I even met some other trucker dogs.

So, it is nice to meet you, Badger Boo. Thank you for wanting to be friends. I happily accept your kind friendship. I hope we can get to be really good friends! ~xo~

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40 thoughts on “From Stella

  1. How do you do Badger Boo! I love these lovely family pictures and I got a kick from the background wall pictures in the background. Neat trick.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


  2. Hi Stella … I is glad you is coming over to Badger Boos. I know he will loves you very much., He is a very nice friend. Your picture with your Moms is awesome … ands, of course, with your Dads. You and Chloe Jos has a things … my little girl kittie is not so friendlys … she just gets ups and runs away when I come around. But DaBoys and I likes to play herdings. I think being a truckers dog looks likes funs excepts I don't like drivings in the cars so I am not sure I would like the trucks … but I is glads you gets to do it. I know it gives you quality times with your parents. We will go for walks together soons my Mom says … I is looking forwards to thats. Be well, Stellas

    Izzi @ From The Sol


  3. Hi there Badger Boo, so glad to meet you. You are such a handsome boy and we are excited that you found such a good home.
    Hope all of you have a wonderful Week end.


  4. So very nice to meet you! You sure have a home sweet home, and a chance to travel with mom and dad sometimes too, and ride in the big truck! You are so adorable, I wish I could give you a hug. You are just a sweetie pie sharing the bed with your little sister too! So adorable!


  5. What a great post Stella. We sure enjoyed the photos of you with each of your furmily members, but the photo with you at Chloe Jo takes the award for the most squeezable! Have a great weekend. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  6. This was a sweet post and yes, we will have to get together before I return to Wisconsin this spring. I've got quasi-plans with Andrea and we will be staying at Chain of Lakes State Park so we can visit her. Now I will have yet another blogger friend I can meet face to face!


  7. **waves Paw** Hello Stella, what a beautiful family you have, I'm so pleased you have got yourself a forever home.

    I'm not to sure abouts cats myself as they are scratchy people, my nose is proof of that, but if you says they are ok then I'm very pleased to meet them too.

    Thank you for linking up with this weeks “Smile it's the Weekend” and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Hopes you has a pawsome weekend xxx


  8. I am so happy to meet you Badger Boo and Stella, seeing you with your entire family just makes my heart sing this early Sunday morning. And mom loves Badger Boo's comment about cats being scratchy people. Made my mom smile. Me..not too sure what's smiley about it! ❤


  9. What a sweet Stella! How cool to see a picture of you!! Neat! Loved to hear how the fur kids are getting along and of Stella's adventures on the road!


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