33 thoughts on “Find the Cat

  1. I spotted it!!! Oh that was fun. I used to LOVE the Hidden Pictures feature in the Highlights magazines that I got as a child. This reminded me of that.

    My thought though – I do hope this isn't the kitty's home, and he's just passing through!!


  2. Found kitty making his way down. unfortunately cats live near the dumps, and I dont think they have love they deserve. The cat game was fun. Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl this week!


  3. I called the girls in to help me find the cat… we think we've found it. I don't want to say and give it away for others.
    They LOVED the trap the cat game. we only trapped him twice, but they had fun playing. I'll have to bookmark that game for them.


  4. McGuffy Ann, I'm terrible at these! Even after people described it, I still can't find it. I'm going to try Kerridwen's technique…nope, still didn't find it! My son was even looking and couldn't see it.

    That game! Addicting! I got to the third level, but decided I'd wasted enough time on it. HaHa!


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