My Mugs

I am a teetotaler. I don’t drink alcohol, mainly for health reasons. I don’t like soda pop, either. In addition to water and milk, I do drink coffee and tea, however.
Over the years I have collected many mugs from numerous places. Most were gifts from Bill, as he traveled. Some were gifts from friends. I may have bought a few.
I have mugs from many of the U.S. states. I have mugs with animals on them, including cats, dogs, and wild animals. I even have a mug from Pennsylvania with Punxsutawney Phil on it. Other mugs are seasonal, holiday, or weather themed mugs, among other themes.
I tend to use one mug as a favourite for a while, until I get tired of it. I will then put it away, and get a different one out to use. Recently I put away my snow people mugs and brought out my spring and tornado mugs.

I no longer have many collectables or knick knacks. I continue to downsize as I age. A lot of my mugs have memories attached to them, though. I enjoy the memories, when I use the mug. Everything tastes better with good memories.

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25 thoughts on “My Mugs

  1. So very true, everything does taste better with good memories. I have downsized so much with my move. I still have a pretty good sized cup collection though!


  2. Last year I got rid of half of my dishes, mug, glasses, etc….and I still have too many for just me. LOL. I don't have any mugs with memories attached, but I still do have my favourites, depending on what I'm drinking.


  3. I still have my snowman mugs out 😦
    actually nah – I use them all year round because who doesn't like snowman LOL
    my daily favourite is my McCafe mug I got from McDonald's that also has my Twitter name @rorybore on it. It Is Huge. It can hold an extra extra large coffee.
    that may be my favourite part. 🙂
    but my second favourite has penguins. their my spirit animal. ha


  4. A former neighbor of mine had a wonderful custom. When she was young, the first time she and her husband had a home, they had an elderly neighbor she befriended. When the elderly lady moved away, she brought the younger woman into her kitchen and handed her a coffee mug and said, “Now, when you see this, you will think of me!”

    After that, every time she moved, she would give coffee mugs to her neighbors. The one she gave me i sill use sometimes, and every time i see it, it think of her.


  5. I have quite a few mugs too (I don't collect them though), and it is funny how I gravitate toward certain ones all the time. I too, am also trying to pare down, and hope to do some major purging of 'stuff' this summer.


  6. Good looking mugs. I do that too. I love drinking in a favorite mug until a new favorite tickles my fancy.

    Enjoy your drinks and have a happy weekend.


  7. what a great idea to feature your mug collection! I have a ton as well and many I just can't part with. I also barely drink alcohol (due to my chronic kidney stone condition), can't drink tea either, but I drink TONS of coffee and water!


  8. I have a few more (like 20! than I need as I will see one that is different in a consignment shop and have to have it despite not having room for it. I will get rid of the mundane ones sometimes just to make room. Tell us about your Tornado mugs? xo


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