31 thoughts on “Yin-Yang

  1. We have no idea how they manage to squeeze in there together like that. Good capture! (My boys will move before I can grab my camera, when they're doing something uber adorable. Of course.)


  2. The basket was very “full”! Maggie is 17 lbs of Maine Coon and Grizelda is 16 lbs.
    What makes this even more amazing is that they have never done this before! Chloe Jo is the cuddler, and Maggie humours her. Grizelda only cuddles with Mom. I was stunned. I am glad I had my cell phone; I used that camera!


  3. Great photo. I like the way Maggie is draped over the basket, almost spilling out of it.

    My cat seems to have radar…the minute I try to capture him doing something cute, he moves.


  4. Grizelda is so elusive, and so dark & furry, that it is difficult to get good photos of her! If I try they don't turn out well, usually. Chloe Jo, is a clown, and easy to photograph. Maggie was a show cat, but sometimes she washes out with lights: too white. Thanks for coming over!


  5. I love the composition of that photo – I'm always amazed when I find George and Gracie in their little bed – not sure how they both squeeze in there. I had purchased them a larger bed so they could stretch out but later got rid of it because they never used it. Apparently they enjoy being crammed together.


  6. Thank you for that. I only take pictures for my heart's sake. I am not into photography. I really got lucky here; these two don't cuddle together. Grizelda only cuddles with Mom. Even as a baby she would go off alone, with Chloe Jo seeking her out.


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