Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

A Guide for the Consumer

By Susan E. Davis

Physical therapy is not only for humans. It is actually beneficial to many animals. Whether the animal is a pampered pet or a working animal, there are many benefits to be gained. This book explains the needs and benefits of physical therapy.

Author Susan E. Davis is a licensed physical therapist. She has more than three decades of experience. She worked initially in human physical therapy, but then veterinary physical therapy became her specialty. She has worked in many settings, from homecare to zoos.

Physical therapy is used for a variety of reasons, treating the various stages of life, illness, injury, and age. Physical therapy can also prevent or treat injuries. This is especially helpful in those who are active or working, whether in a competitive arena or a working situation. It can strengthen or promote healing, depending upon the need and case.

In this book, you will learn about the history and evolution of physical therapy. You will also learn about the many methods available, and their particular benefits. There are natural (holistic) methods available. These types of therapy may include Reiki and acupuncture, as well as many other options. Traditional methods may involve splints, wraps, and the use of manipulation or equipment. The reader learns the differences in traction and strengthening, as well as how each one works.

Using actual case studies, you will learn how the type of physical therapy is prescribed. You will then see how it can be utilized properly. Each animal, like each human, is different in both need and capability. Only a qualified healthcare expert can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate method. However, an educated owner can help in maintenance and care of their pets. 

The book is easy to read and use. The author lists related topics and resources along with the appendix. I recommend this book to pet owners, and to those who work with animals. I have used physical therapy, and performed it on my pets. I can attest to its many benefits in healing and in prolonging quality of life. This is an essential volume to those who love the animals in their care.

13 thoughts on “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

  1. Well as I do love the animals in my care, this would be a must have, especially since my Izzi is an Agility Dog. She has had minipulation frequently and I can tell when she is sore from a rigorous outing so I do some minipulations as well. I will be reading this book and appreciate that you have made me aware of it. Great review, McGuffy Ann …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. Dogs in a competition ring (like agility), are especially vulnerable to over-use or injury. Physical therapy can help not only through healing, but it can also help in strengthening to prevent injury. Izzi needs you to read this book.


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