Coffee Chat: "Funny"

It is time for Coffee Chat at  Time Out for Mom, with Rory Bore. Each week, she gives us a topic for discussion. We write a post in response and then link up to her post. The topic this week is: “Tell about something that made you laugh recently.” 

Animals never cease to amaze me. They often make me laugh. My own FurKids are always being silly with each other, with us, and sometimes totally on their own. Chloe Jo is a clown! But Nature also can be funny. 

I have been watching the sparrows making nests. They have been carrying all kinds of things across the yard, including bits of fur, string, leaves and small twigs. They carry it all back to their little house. The pair really works together; it is amazing. It also makes me smile.

The robins are busy, too. The other morning I saw robin hunting in my yard. He would run across the grass, then stop and tilt his head. After a moment, he would do this again. After doing this several times, he found what he was looking for. He quickly dove into the grass and grabbed the end of a worm. The robin would pull and then pause, patiently working the worm out of the ground. Just as the robin got the worm was out of the ground, another robin swooped in and grabbed it right out of his mouth! I couldn’t believe it! After all of that work, he had nothing. He watched the other robin fly off with his worm. As I laughed, he actually turned to look at me. He didn’t think it was funny. I apologized, not that that mattered.

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18 thoughts on “Coffee Chat: "Funny"

  1. Poor robin! LOL.

    I get a kick out of the squirrels…I once watched a black squirrel chase a cat in our neighbourhood (I was at the bus stop at the time and it was early AM). It was hilarious. Poor cat. 😀


  2. Nature is full of humor, but you have to be attuned to it to see it. You would be one that would appreciate all sides of nature and sometimes we laugh just because it's the best alternative … poor little Robin:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  3. That photo of him looking straight at you it too cute! I agree, I think that critters can tell when we are laughing at them, our furkids most certainly let us know that they are not amused if we laugh at them when something goes wrong. I've also seen them do something foolish, and then look around apparently hoping that no one noticed.


  4. I used to put bits of bright yarns and straws on my lawn so that the birds could pick them up for their nests. Makes for very colorful nesting. Also nice to set out cotton balls or pieces of cotton for them to add….


  5. Ha – I've seen the very thing happen in my backyard. After I raked the leaves off the garden and the wet earth was exposed: they all dove in like it was their personal buffet! LOL
    I've seen a squirrel knocking off the seeds from the bird feeder, and then a squirrel, a chipmunk, and the mourning doves all eating the seeds as they fall on the ground. Nature definitely makes me smile!


  6. Good shot of the Robin. I got a few nice pix of a Robin recently. I will share one of them tomorrow. But, animals definitely make me smile. I, especially love watching kittens play together ~ so much fun!


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