WW: Oh Deer!

I took this picture out the window of Bill’s 18-wheeler
(truck), going 65 MPH, as are most of the  pictures I take 
when I’m trucking with him. It’s a definitely a  challenge.

This deer made it back into the woods, but please remember 
to be aware of them & other wildlife when you drive. Thanks! 

34 thoughts on “WW: Oh Deer!

  1. I know, they are always romping around my neck of the woods. Two nights ago, while I was driving I barely saw one trot across the road in front of me, but I saw him, and slowed down. My hubby was impressed! We live in deer country and you just never know…. and yes we do get those other critters too!


  2. The deers sometimes comes out to lick the salt left on the road. The snow removal crews put road salt on the road to melt the ice when roads are slippery.


  3. A great capture though! I tried to get some on the way back from my MIL's house, but they were too far back in the fields. All our highways have watch for deer signs – it's very common around here to see one bounding across the road.

    And a very good tip this time of year!!! WATCH FOR THE 2nd ONE!!
    many does will have babies running with them — you may miss the mom – but get the baby deer if you don't slow down and watch.


  4. Ya I remember seeing a bunch of them standing. waiting impatiently to cross, when I was driving in the early morning, late at night, chasing snow, going 70 mph, in Llano, TX, last year. Cool picture! : )


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