Charlie & Bob

Meet Charlie the Florida trucker cat and his driver Bob. Charliwas a just a skinny kitten when he met Bob at a truck stop, two years agoBob picked him up and put him in the truck, not knowing how a stray kitten was going to act. Then he went inside the company building to take care of business. When Bob got back in the truck, Charlie was sitting at attention in the passenger seat, as if to say, “Let’s go”. They are a natural team.

My husband, Bill, took this picture when he met Charlie and Bob, in Terrell, Texas. Bill and Bob were fueling up their trucks, while Charlie supervised from his place inside. 

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50 thoughts on “Charlie & Bob

  1. It all depends upon the critter. Age can certainly be a factor, too. Charlie was just a little scroungy stray kitten. He had a big head and little body when Bob rescued him. Quite often rescued critters seem to know you rescued them. They are so grateful that they adapt easily to what you offer.


  2. It still makes me smile when I see it and I still think you should link it to Weekend Reflections as well. What a wonderful life for Charlie and what a wonderful trucker for taking him in … they are good for each other, I'm sure. Great post, McGuffy …

    Andrea @ From the Sol


  3. I think Charlie is in a minority. I think most cats would not feel comfortable in this situation, including our Girls. While people may like it, cats usually don't take to constant change well. I think Bob and Charlie are just meant to be together.


  4. This is terrific! Charlie obviously knew just where he wanted to be and what human he wanted as his sidekick. 🙂

    Very sweet! Our human is hearkening back to the Saturday Night Life parody of Driving Miss Daisy now.


  5. I just love this story! Just proves that we never know where we will find our blessings. He saved the kitten – but maybe the kitten saved him from something too. And now they keep on truckin together. So special.


  6. Exactly. You are right: we never know where our blessings may be found. I believe they saved each other. So many of these truckers have no one. And there are so many stray cats and kittens, too. Charlie and Bob have each other now.


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