Meeting The Queen

Me with Stella, Queen Jester, Andrea & Izzi

Queen Jester has a blog called Life in a canned ham . She and her husband, Left Brain, travel through their retirement sharing their adventures of life on the road. I have blogged with her for quite some time. Last week I had the honour and privilege to spend time with the wonderful Queen Jester. 

On their way Home for a visit, Queen and Left Brain were traveling through my area of Illinois. Queen also blogs with my neighbour, Andrea, also a blogger.  Andrea started blogging with my encouragement and initial help, about a year after I began (three years ago). The details of our meeting were worked out, and then we went to see the Queen.

We met Queen and Left Brain at their campsite in The Chain O’Lakes State Park. They were very welcoming and friendly…exactly as I thought they would be. We also met the real bosses: George and Gracie, their two cats. They have an extensive outdoor, screened-in play area.

Queen gave us a grand tour of the “canned ham”, aka RV. It is amazing how well organized, comfy and beautifully decorated their RV is. Queen is quite the artistic, crafty person. She makes many practical and useful items such as curtains, pillowcases, storage bags, covers, etc. 


After the tour, while Left Brain went for a bike ride, we women went for lunch. We spent the next couple of hours talking and laughing. It was wonderful to share life experiences, joke and laugh together. It was as if we were old friends. At the end of the afternoon we had plans for the next day! 

The next afternoon, Andrea and I went back to the State Park, taking my Stella and Andrea’s Izzi with us. Left Brain went for another bike ride while Queen walked the trails with us. When we had enough exercise, we took the dogs home and then went for ice cream! It was another Girl’s Day Out. Once again, we shared various life stories, thoughts, and hearty laughs together.

When we finally took Queen back to her traveling palace, we all hugged and promised to keep in touch. It had been a wonderful two days of “Girl Talk” and female bonding. There was a genuine connection. It is a very special thing to find that connection of friendship, especially later in life. It comes more easily in childhood, where time and circumstance is on your side. Life becomes more complicated as you get older. Time is short and full of demands.

I would like to thank Queen for making time for us to visit. Thank you, Queen, for welcoming us to your wonderful home. Anytime that you are in our neighborhood, please let us know. You are more than welcome here anytime!

Deer Path

People Photo by: Left Brain, Queen’s Husband
State Park Photos By: McGuffy Ann Morris

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47 thoughts on “Meeting The Queen

  1. i love that you 3 got together! i had read on andrea's blog that she was one of the queen-meeters. then the queen told me you were the other – i had no idea you and andrea were neighbors and friends! 🙂

    love the pic of the 3 of you and pooches, too!


  2. Fun blog – it brought back such memories. It felt like we had just seen each other a week ago….oh wait, we did. How fast the time flies. It's like I've known both of you for years. I've already warned Jeannie that when we're in Texas we're heading her way to the Ranch.


  3. Another Left Brain! Ha – I bet he's wonderful 😉

    This is my Left Brain's dream retirement – to have an RV parked in some amazing Provincial (for us) Park and spend his days entertaining people who would somehow spontaneously drop by and he'd grill dinner and then walk the trials. It's not such a bad dream really!
    Glad you got some lovely girl time!


  4. I got Andrea into blogging. We were neighbors and friends first. Queen was an instant connection. She is wonderful, too! I hope you get to meet her. She will be headed your way next fall! Heck, maybe I will someday!


  5. King Left Brain is so nice. I can see you and your Left Brain living this RV life someday! If I ever get to Canada, you would be one I would love to meet. It was wonderful to talk and laugh with these friends.


  6. What a great opportunity. i have met a few Twitter friends, but no one from the Blog World yet. Those that I have met have been super, warm, friendly, caring people. I'm so happy you had the chance to meet up.


  7. Only one thing could have made this post better…photos of the two cats. I got such a good laugh our of the name, Left Brain.” What a wonderful two days you had. I really hope to make some similar connections when I go to the Blog Paws conference next week. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Janet


  8. How fun! I've met three bloggie friends in person. They all live in the Atlanta area and I got together with them when I visited family in the nearby area. I'm semi-planning another trip this summer, too. There are many others I would love to meet, too….such as you, Miss McGuffy Ann! You're in the state right next to me, so it shouldn't be too difficult, huh? We'll have to see if we can work it out sometime!


  9. Sounds like such a nice time of bonding with your blogger friend. The good thing about those friendships later in life is that we don't have any of the angst that comes when we're younger. We can get right down to the things that matter. How nice that you got to meet her and spend time together.

    Thank you for stopping in this morning. Hope you'll stop back and enter my HomemadeSoapnSuch Giveaway. Three winners. 🙂


  10. This was so much fun. Thank you for your comment. I agree about the angst in early friendships. I guess it is a rite of passage. As we age, I think we know ourselves better. I entered your contest!


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